hi. =) welcome to the part where i get to write a paragraph.^^
umm..this page is in a way my journal. but, i really won't update this
on an everyday basis.. just once in a while.^^'
and if your interested.. then, read on. ^^

*oh yeah, ummm.. sometimes, i could sound stupid.. but hey, can't a person not be
itself for just one day to express his/her thoughts? ^^

*i aLso suGgest you reaD the laSt paRt then read upwaRds to uNdersatnd
soMe of the thinGs i wRite. cuuuuz' it all coNnects. ^^

*and, as long aS some of my typinG seems to be..
well, nothinG iS what it seems.=)

Friday, August 05, 2011
Catch Me, If You Can

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed
by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
                                            -Mark Twain

It's been a year now since I got my backpack and went to 7 countries,
15 cities, 33 days, 10 flights, 8 guest houses, 
4 couch surf and countless experiences. <3

Sounds crazy, but I did it! --just before taking 
my board exam for Civil Engineering. :) 
No regrets.


It's inevitable.
I'm glad it can be done in a lifetime.
It's like being reborn in a different environment.

You can be anyone.
Change your identity, name, character, job, whatever.

I left a life back home.
It's amazing how you can just forget everything and 
embrace what traveling can offer.

Sleeping is part of the journey, 
just make sure it doesn't eat a third out of your travels. ;p

Remind me to learn about wine.
The French are awesome. 


I took to heart what my Dad told me,
"Always remember to balance three things in life: youth, time and money."

For instance,
you might have youth and time, but no money. 
(That's why we work.)

You might have youth and money, but no time.
(Work can sometimes be demanding, indeed.)

By the time you have money to spend, you'll realize that
youth has forsaken you. 

I don't think you'd be able to enjoy as much
what money and time can offer at that age. Lol.

So learn to balance, and in return, you'll experience to live. :)


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Monday, April 26, 2010

A graduation card given to me by my dearest Lolo Nick and Lola Inia:

"You write papers, you study papers,
You research papers, you turn in papers,
And when you're all done.. they hand you a piece of paper!
..Here's another for your collection. Congratulations."

I didn't expect graduation to be enjoyable and rewarding.
I thought it would be a dull day, but it wasn't.
I'm glad I came. :D

Our summa cum laude gave an insightful speech.
As I remembered, he also said,
"I don't have a facebook.. because you'd probably
google me down after this commencement.. but i do have a fan page."

Aaand, he wonderfully reminded us that
we are highly subsidized by the state..
so it's our bound duty to serve the state.
And the faculty, being able to agree with their low salary to teach us,
is also in a way subsidizing us. HAHA.

So we should go back to our college, say 20 years from now,
and donate scholarships, classroom, buildings, etc.

The 5 years I spent in college was wonderful and well spent.
A chapter in my life that is worthy to be book bind. :D

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Midsummer of 2010

"Don't sleep too much,
you can do that when you're dead."

OMG.. I AM going to blog again!!!

For reasons that one day,
I'll compile it into one book and

I'll let someone read it when I'm old and dying..
just like what they do in movie plots. Hahahaha.


My dad is sooooooo sweet.

He asked how much money I needed for the week. :3

I gave a figure; he gave the cash.
Oh myyy. I feel such a child and I'm just about to graduate. :O
(FYI: Grad date = April 24)

When should I stop asking for allowances? Hahaha.

*NOTE: For some reasons, early this year around Feb,
I started to frequently type the word "haha" in long and
sometimes capitalized words. It's starting to be a joyous habit. HAHA. :p

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Artsy Me

"Sometimes, my source of encouragement
         is discouragement."

Are you ready to say goodbye?

Whether you're ready or not..
it's passing us by.

I've mapped my plans for 2010 and 2011.
I'm a planner I guess. :)

Things (I hope) to do:

Goal: Bring back the art in me.
+ Graduate
+ Travel abroad
+ Review for Board Exam
+ Piano/ Yoga/ Draw
+ Get test/exams needed for schools abroad (TOFEL, etc.)
+ Board Exam
+ Head/Organize Office Xmas Partee

Goal: Enjoy youth, money and time.
+ Travel (backpacking around Asia + Japan)
+ Apply Masteral Studies or Internship Abroad
+ Beijing (Chinese studies)
+ ASEAN Ship? :D

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Star Struck!

"In three words I can sum up everything
    I've learned about life: it goes on."

                            - Robert Frost

Writing as they say helps a person reflect on things.
But this isn't writing.
It's blogging. Hohoho.

Since I have took a class in Repertory Philippines,
I never understood why my veteran theater friends feel so awed
to see Lea Salonga.
But now, I understand, thanks to ValCon.:D

I had an interview today with David M. Consunji.
I was so calm and nonchalant upon arriving at the DMCI office.
I was even wiping my sweat from the walk I took from the MRT station. Haha.
(I thought it was very very near. Haha.)
My thought was apparently not reality.

But, OMG. Val, hahaha.
I just realized that I was really really "star struck" with your grandpapa!
It sounds silly of me but.. Haha.
I nearly bursted down into tears when I saw him.
Ganun pala yung feeling!
I have to even recompose myself in a split
second to say who I was, as he was asking my name.

I think this has just marked one instant in my life
that I would never ever ever forget.
It was something.

In one part of the talk,
he asked me if I was feeling the need of CHANGE.
Of course I was!
People who knows me knows that
I often talk about change and ways how to do it!

But when we talked about the topic..
I felt my head starting to disappear.
Like.. "..."
(Nice one Sunshine.)
I just nodded and said, "Yes, CHANGE."
I'm such a loser. Hohoho.-_-

People that day commonly mistook me as a journalist. Haha.
I am so not civil engineering material.
How can I get myself hired if I don't look the part! Hahaha.
So wrong.
That's why I asked for a picture with him.:D
I told him I'll show this pciture when I'll be applying for a job.:D

                            DM and Me

People calling him DM makes me feel he's part of a mafia gang.
"Psst.. Pinapatawag ka ni DM."
See what I mean?

I asked DM what was his greatest achievement in life.
He smikred and replied, "Making my wife happy."
He's such a jolly person. Very grandpapa like.:D
(I miss my grandpa. RIP.:))
I was also lucky to meet Mrs. DM.:D
Both were live and kicking at 87 and 85 respectively.

Although I'd love to share more,
 I have to stop since I think my typing looks long now.

I can't believe I was seeing DM for REAL.
It marked to me that he was indeed a LEGEND of his own.
Thank you thank you Val for that experience. :)

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

People don't understand that human life is
beautiful because it's short."


My highlights for YEAR 2008 before it ends:

- CWTS 2: 3days 2 nights Mt. Makiling Camp (and all that jazz.;p)
- UP 100th YEAR CELEBRATION (the OMG! fireworks. best eveeeer!)

- My birthday! :)
- Busy with school.

- UP ACES Maldita, Adidas, Diego Factory Sale that I headed. :)
- Finals Week

- Japanese classes for summer (Hapon10 at UP)
- MathCAD by CHE prof for free! :)
- Guinsaugon Trip (all expense paid :D)
(International Conference for the Feb 17, 2006 Guinsaugon Landslide)
My first time to travel alone in a domestic plane trip.
Thus, I got left behind going to Leyte.x_x Booked another plane ticket that same day. But had to pay more. :|
- Summer Job at my Dad's office
- Got my US visa (10 years grant. Yey! :D)

- Participated at Tagaytay Highlands STA. CRUZAN
- 1.5 months membership at Slimmer's World
- Outing with Heim (White Rock, Subic)
- Helped backstage at the FASHION WEEK 2008 (I brought Star with me.)

- Lost my bag backstage at FWeek.
(every essentials I own!!! money+credit card+cellphone+digicam+priceless possessions.)
Conniving GAY culprit took all my stuff. >:|

- Firing Range with my family in Bulacan. (9mm gun. :D)
- Microwarehouse Sale with Dad (bought ipod player system.)
- Watched LIVE PACQUIAO fight at Tagaytay Highlands

- Parent and Child Golf Tournament at Tagaytay Highlands
(had great shots.. like a PRO! :D)
- My first contact lens.
- My first mini-golf game (with Star).

- Eng'g Soc Kick Off Party (Warehouse 162)
My first ever gmick at night without a car! Had to take a cab.x_x
I'm never doing it! So much of a hassle!
- Asian Dragon Fashion Show at Trinoma
- Became a Rarejob employee
- RJ(my brother) had dengue and got confined in Chinese General Hospital.

- UP ACES 16th Civil Engineering National Quiz Bee
- Had my first ATM
- IDEERS Competition in Taipei, Taiwan (all expensed paid by UP and sponsors)

- Finals Week
- Sembreak.. it was mostly a rest month for me. :D

- Start of 2nd Sem
- My worst stressful sleep ever!
Due to my removals of CE150 (PASSED ~ God has blessed me once more. T.T)

- Ako Beth and Uncle Pete are here. (Dad's sister and hubby from Canada.)
- Family hype with the "Kit-Kat" saga
- Bought a designer eyewear with my own money :)
- Attended the Tagaytay Highlands Annual Stockholder's Meeting
(so pathetic! lasted only 15 mins. O.O It was certainly scripted with only
around 7 people attending, apparently the majority.
Either way, the food was good. Haha.)

- DEC 1, the moon had two stars with him.. forming a smile up in the sky. :)
- Won FINANCE COMMITTEE HEAD in our org by destiny. (Not cool. T.T)
- Enjoyed and cheered at Eng'g Week minor games. :)
- Watched LIVE PACQUIAO fight at Tagaytay Highlands
- First time ever to have Christmas, with mother side, in Cebu.:)
- Attended two weddings (Brian Tan and Rochelle Veloso)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008
I've Got Bunnies That Roar

    "Idle minds are the Devil's workshop."

I'm back at blogdrive.
My is confusing my senses using mac.

Although I like esthetically, it's hard to manage it on a mac.T__T
Oh well.
Hello blogdrive, lucky you.


This is not how I envisioned my holy week to be.
My penitence cometh.
I am paying for my sins.
5 deadlines on Monday.
3 very looong exams and 2 very looong papers to finish.
I'm not exaggerating about it being looooong.
'It' refers to my deadlines, not some other 'it'.
(Goodness, what ever Sunshine.x_x)

All my family members are out to paradise.
I can't believe they left me. Haha.
Although it's fine by me.

I'm stuck here with school stuff to do
while watching our dog have a nap.
(I think he's bored too.:D)

Lucky for me, I've got bunnies to rawr for me.:)

Oh, and while being or trying to be holy this week, please pray for me.


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Thursday, November 22, 2007
BETA v.1: Time is Bronze When Bored

"Amuse me."

The carnival.
Crowded, noisy, exciting-- but most of all, magical.
Too magical that you won't notice you're alone in this world and constantly bored.

Random thoughts of bored Sunshine:

    + I want an emo boyfriend that dresses perfectly emo and punky.. then
we'd conquer the whole damn world with dreams. (I am soo emo right now. Ew.x_X)

    + Loving the term "chii-mo"(chee-mow), meaning chessy emo.
Weee. Heard it from Spike.:)

    + I am craving to be creative.
But my tools have all rusted away.
I'm just waiting for school work to consume me again.

    + Someone photograph me.

    + I'm still thanking God for passing me in all my subjects so far in life.
God is good-- all the time.:)

    + Music keeps me going.
But I'd love to have someone beside me.

    + Getting to higher years in college limits you
to getting to know good looking or interesting guys.

    + Golf is not for thinkers.
Click link to play:

    + I've been craving to watch a movie.
But I can't find some people or someone to come along.
My schedule isn't working too good for me.x_X

This is not the way to live life.
It's the worst feeling.
But it's one thing we've all got.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007
It's Not You; It's Me. (Liar)

I'm moving TODAY!=D
Visit my new blog at
See ya there.;p
(Although there's nothing in there yet. ^__^;)
But wait!
 From June 13 to June 26...
Art by David Cukingnan

Indulge in memories:
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
When Will the Petals Fall?

"What is a moment?
A moment is 'an action that
turns an object around a point.' "

                    -Toshi Ichinose, Mete Sozen

A moment. all I need from you.  


 I need a prayer novena.
      I'm serious.
I think I'm going to fail ES11.T__T
A major I shouldn't fail.:(

 My finals is on Thursday!
And if I fail (God and demons forbid)..

 I'm considering to be a..
flight stewardess..


Uhh.. a doctor?  


 Or maybe a professional golfer.


And yes, they aren't great pictures because
I have NO plans in failing this stupid subject
that I won't be even using on my practice!

 I need your prayer.T___T
No, make that a novena.
 ..Please? *puppy eyes*

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